Our Services


We eliminate all imperfections bringing the car back to its initial state. All car-detailing operations, from washing to polishing, from cleaning the interior to paint protection, remove all impurities and imperfections, restoring or improving the original conditions.

With the right structure, products and professional operators you can achieve optimal results. This is why we created the BigFoot Car Detailing Academy in order to offer the best detailing and training solutions for those who would like to become professional detailers.

Protecting your car is not only a luxury but an investment. A correct detailing technique preserves the car’s value in time.


Our mission

…is to deliver results that are globally recognized as the highest quality detailing services available.

Using our high level of expertise in the various aspects of surface results should attract the attention of discerning car owners who would seek to have this level of service performed on their personal vehicle or partner with automotive businesses to deliver a higher quality product to their consumers.

The BigFoot Polishing System

BigFoot is the most advanced and effective polishing technology available in the world today for automotive surface restoration and correction.

The founding company, Rupes S.p.a, based in Milan, has designed a complete system of tools and accessories that allow professional automotive detailers to achieve perfection more effectively and efficiently.

The BigFoot system is synonymous with reliability, efficiency, ergonomics, and elegance. BigFoot is a lifestyle. It is a way of thinking. A passion aimed to have a real impact for professionals. A revolutionary concept that has forever changed the way professionals approach automotive surface restoration.

A revolution that has changed the concept of restoration, an ambition that takes shape in the form of results, reflecting every detailer’s ambition to deliver a world-class finish and exceeding client expectation.