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We eliminate all imperfections bringing the car back to its initial state. All car-detailing operations, from washing to polishing, from cleaning the interior to paint protection, remove all impurities and imperfections, restoring or improving the original conditions. With the right structure, products and professional operators you can achieve optimal results. This is why we created the BigFoot Car Detailing Academy in order to offer the best detailing and training solutions for those who would like to become professional detailers. Protecting your car is not only a luxury but an investment. A correct detailing technique preserves the car’s value in time.

superior quality

We are automobile and surface appearance specialists that both manufacture and utilizes all innovative ranges of the RUPES and BigFoot systems to enhance, correct, preserve and defend automotive surfaces. Our unique understanding of surface restoration and preservation does not only apply to cars. The unique treatments and techniques can also be adapted for marine, aviation, and recreational vehicle applications as well as residential and commercial applications. Equipped with optical instruments in our state of the art centres, our highly trained staff is equipped to execute their duties from consultation to delivery with the best technical precision and excellent after care service. From management to technicians, each member of the BigFoot Centre team is ready to exceed client expectations from beginning to end.

Each application is different. Our technicians can handle tasks across a varied range of subjects, adopting different techniques and using their vast expertise to ensure that each task is completed to absolute perfection. Services can be applied on yachts, jets, helicopters, motorcycles & other vehicles. From automotive to aeronautical, BigFoot has the ability to deliver a surface finished to the highest quality in almost any application.