Surface protection & preservation


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traditional wax

After the surface is corrected, free defects, and polished to its highest level of gloss and luster the discerning collector may choose the application of a traditional wax. Carnauba waxes offer a sacrificial barrier of protection against the elements and further enhance the painted surfaces with a rich, natural glow. Ideal for the car owner who only occasionally drives their vehicle or vehicles which are primarily exhibited indoors a natural wax provides a balance of protection and enhancement.

nano coatings

A high-tech solution in the world of automotive surface protection; nano coatings are engineered chemicals which provide extreme levels of protection lasting much longer than traditional waxes or sealants. The professionally applied coatings form a physical bond with the surface and substantially increase surface tension allowing them to reject many common surface contaminants thus making maintenance cleaning much easier. These specialized treatments provide the longest lasting solution for surface preservation and are ideal for all vehicle types, specifically those that see regular use or frequent outdoor exposure.