BigFoot Car Detailing Centre

Where We Are

BigFoot Car Detailing Centre Malpensa

Address: S.S. 336 Km 8+500, 21010 Cardano Al Campo (VA)

Hours: 08:30 – 18:30

Phone: 0331 730184

Website: www.bigfootmalpensa.it

Province: Varese

Country: Italy

Our services


We satisfy the dreams and expectations of our customers, trying to satisfy their individual needs, from the bodywork to the engine to the interior. Great results require competence, an outstanding product and structure in order to achieve amazing results. The obsessive search for perfection has guided awareness and the development of our centre, creating a complete synergy between Detailer and the most sophisticated and modern technological equipment, products and materials. For this reason, we are able to act effectively on every defect and vehicle. In our workshop, we have everything at our fingertips, from our passion for this job, up to the all the necessary equipment within the structure in which we operate.