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BigFoot is the most advanced and effective polishing technology available in the world today for automotive surface restoration and correction. The founding company, Rupes S.p.a, based in Milan, has designed a complete system of tools and accessories that allow professional automotive detailers to achieve perfection more effectively and efficiently. The BigFoot system is synonymous with reliability, efficiency, ergonomics, and elegance. BigFoot is a lifestyle. It is a way of thinking. A passion aimed to have a real impact for professionals. A revolutionary concept that has forever changed the way professionals approach automotive surface restoration. A revolution that has changed the concept of restoration, an ambition that takes shape in the form of results, reflecting every detailer’s ambition to deliver a world-class finish and exceeding client expectation.


Each application is different. Our technicians can handle tasks across a varied range of subjects, adopting different techniques and using their vast expertise to ensure that each task is completed to absolute perfection. Services can be applied on yachts, jets, helicopters, motorcycles & other vehicles. From automotive to aeronautical, BigFoot has the ability to deliver a surface finished to the highest quality in almost any application.